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inactiveTopic Glee: A new array language
started 3/10/2003; 11:12:36 AM - last post 3/11/2003; 9:55:30 AM
James Hague - Glee: A new array language  blueArrow
3/10/2003; 11:12:36 AM (reads: 433, responses: 4)
(I haven't seen this mentioned yet.)

You don't see new array-oriented languages often. In fact I can only think of a handful that have ever been created, the most well-known being Iverson's APL and it's successor, J. Now there's Glee. It's still under development, but the author posts frequent updates to his already voluminous web site.

Michael Vanier - Re: Glee: A new array language  blueArrow
3/10/2003; 7:57:01 PM (reads: 447, responses: 0)
Unfortunately, it's only for Windows, and apparently it's only runnable if you have a specific *compiler* on Windows (!).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Glee: A new array language  blueArrow
3/11/2003; 4:37:13 AM (reads: 428, responses: 1)
I just had a quick look.

Are Array Processing Languages doomed to be unreadable?

(Full disclosure: I am a big fan of J and APL )

Alex Sauer-Budge - Re: Glee: A new array language  blueArrow
3/11/2003; 7:01:56 AM (reads: 427, responses: 0)
I like ZPL's notion of regions and directions. For example (from the walk-through), after declaring

region     R       = [1..n, 1..n];
direction  north   = [-1, 0]; south = [ 1, 0];
           east    = [ 0, 1]; west  = [ 0,-1];

you could write things like

[R] Temp := (A@north+A@east+A@west+A@south) / 4.0;

where the prefix [R] limits the region that operation applies to.

James Hague - Re: Glee: A new array language  blueArrow
3/11/2003; 9:55:30 AM (reads: 392, responses: 0)
Nial ( is the most readable array language I've seen, but it seems to be a defunct commercial effort. And I have to admit that I really get into the J notation, when I find the time to soak in it, but I forget it very quickly.