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inactiveTopic Functional and logic paradigms...
started 3/12/2003; 3:14:51 PM - last post 3/12/2003; 11:15:50 PM
Tanya - Functional and logic paradigms...  blueArrow
3/12/2003; 3:14:51 PM (reads: 317, responses: 1)
What are functional and logic paradigms, and what are the uses of them...? I cant figure it out... somebody help me.

water - Re: Functional and logic paradigms...  blueArrow
3/12/2003; 11:15:50 PM (reads: 325, responses: 0)
Since I run a site that has a side benefit of explaining such things, I'll mention the entry for functional programming and the entry for logic programming. But mostly you can learn this in a good academic book on programming languages or check out the Free Online Dictionary Of Computing's definitions of those terms.