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Languages for Scientific Processing
There are a lot of pages comparing languages out there, but I think this one is interesting for several reasons. First, it compares quite a range of languages. Second, the scoring (despite my belief that in general using a single number to compare languages is silly) makes one point crystal clear - any modern language is better than C/C++.

But why do all the modern languages score similarly? Are they all, basically, pretty much the same? There's some apparently big differences (static or dynamic typing for example), yet no wild variation in the scores. Is this because features that really are useful (in the case of this page "general abstraction") are common to all languages, while topics that cause a lot of discussion - like typing - aren't really so imporant? Or just what I said earlier - that scoring is no way to make a comparison?
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Sorry about that - I was getting no response from the server (lloks like it was accepting submissins, but not responding to me). Thankfully, only one news item seems to have appeared....