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inactiveTopic Texts on concurrency?
started 3/21/2003; 4:40:44 AM - last post 3/23/2003; 9:25:54 AM
Tj - Texts on concurrency?  blueArrow
3/21/2003; 4:40:44 AM (reads: 311, responses: 3)
Ok, I'm convinced that state is the devil. Does anyone know good texts explaining the various models of concurrency in a reasonably rigorous way? My goal is to write good, extensible concurrent systems.

I'm not conversant enough with the terminology to know if I should be asking about "distributed computing" or what. I did a few searches on Usenet and Amazon, and I've found the Roscoe book, but it seems really just about CSP; and the Lea book seems tied to Java (maybe that's just superficial).

Thanks for any help.

Chris Double - Re: Texts on concurrency?  blueArrow
3/22/2003; 1:58:06 AM (reads: 320, responses: 1)
Peter Von Roy's book, 'Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming' covers different aspects of concurrency. It includes a discussion of different approaches and languages. It also covers a whole lot of other things so it's not specific to that area. The draft is downloadable in PDF format. I wrote briefly about it and where to get it here:


Ehud Lamm - Re: Texts on concurrency?  blueArrow
3/22/2003; 3:59:29 AM (reads: 354, responses: 0)
The book was discussed here several times, and the courses page include links to several courses that use this book.

Tj - Re: Texts on concurrency?  blueArrow
3/23/2003; 9:25:54 AM (reads: 289, responses: 0)
Thanks for the pointer! I actually had a copy on my HD, but since I have a few books to go through already, I didn't look at it closely enough to realize it had what I wanted. That teaches me to skim carelessly.