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inactiveTopic Javascript with native XML support
started 4/1/2003; 3:38:45 PM - last post 4/1/2003; 3:38:45 PM
Chui Tey - Javascript with native XML support  blueArrow
4/1/2003; 3:38:45 PM (reads: 516, responses: 0)
Somebody pinch me and don't tell me this is an April Fool's joke. This is absolutely what I have been hankering for. JavaScript gets native XML support (E4X). It has already been adopted by BEA.


for (var atom in srcDoc..ATOM) {   // Loop through each ATOM tag in the source
var name =;
var names =; // equivalent to y.selectNodes(".//name")
y.employees.employee.(department.@id == 500 && age > 27);

There are also syntacical sugar for constructing XML documents.

In all, a very cool development.