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inactiveTopic A Framework for Programming Embedded Systems
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Noel Welsh - A Framework for Programming Embedded Systems  blueArrow
4/5/2003; 12:33:26 PM (reads: 1549, responses: 0)
A Framework for Programming Embedded Systems
This paper describes CES, a proto-type of a new programming language for robots and other embedded systems, equipped with sensors and actuators. CES contains two new ideas, currently not found in other programming languages: support of computing with uncertain information, and support of adaptation and teaching as a means of programming. These innovations facilitate the rapid development of software for embedded systems, as demonstrated by two mobile robot applications.

It's 46 pages long. I've skim read it and I don't see anything that can't be done as a library function. I suspect that functional reactive robotics the probabilistic lambda-calculus will move you closer to ease of implementation of robot controllers. Perhaps others with more knowledge of probabilistic languages (and more time) can comment?

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