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inactiveTopic Unifying Tables, Objects and Documents
started 4/6/2003; 9:02:57 PM - last post 4/6/2003; 9:02:57 PM
Dominic Cooney - Unifying Tables, Objects and Documents  blueArrow
4/6/2003; 9:02:57 PM (reads: 356, responses: 0)
This seems to be the first detailed paper on Meijer's work on adding XML datatypes to C# (aka X#/Xen):

This paper proposes a number of type-system and language extensions to natively support relational and hierarchical data within a statically typed object oriented setting. In our approach SQL tables and XML documents become first class citizens that benefit from the full range of features available in a modern programming language like C# or Java. This allows objects, tables and documents to be constructed, loaded, passed, transformed, updated, and queried in a unified and type-safe manner.