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started 4/7/2003; 5:13:16 AM - last post 4/7/2003; 11:37:39 AM
Luke Gorrie - CSP book online in PDF  blueArrow
4/7/2003; 5:13:16 AM (reads: 2105, responses: 4)
CSP book online in PDF
Tony Hoare's classic book Communicating Sequential Processes is now freely available for download in PDF. The book was first published in 1985, and has been converted into a very nice PDF by Jim Davies.

The book describes a way of building concurrent systems by combining sequential processes that run in parallel, and a formal framework for thinking about them. The influence of CSP can clearly be seen in languages like Erlang and Concurrent ML.
Posted to Misc-Books by Luke Gorrie on 4/7/03; 5:54:15 AM

Patrick Logan - Re: CSP book online in PDF  blueArrow
4/7/2003; 8:41:23 AM (reads: 1292, responses: 0)
Shouldn't this be required reading as part of an undergraduate computer science degree? Why not? This vocabulary should be on the tips of our tongues, like the periodic table.

Luke Gorrie - Re: CSP book online in PDF  blueArrow
4/7/2003; 9:34:58 AM (reads: 1282, responses: 0)
Perhaps one reason is that it was dastardly hard (or at least expensive) to get your hands on a copy up until now :-)

I hope this PDF'ification of a classic signals a trend..

Geoffrey S. Knauth - Re: CSP book online in PDF  blueArrow
4/7/2003; 11:11:53 AM (reads: 1277, responses: 0)
To encourage this trend, if I wanted to download the PDF and then send a contribution to the author and/or PDF'er, where would I send it?

Ehud Lamm - Re: CSP book online in PDF  blueArrow
4/7/2003; 11:37:39 AM (reads: 1257, responses: 0)
Ada's tasking model was based on CSP. This means that my students are at least aware of some of the basic notions. We also provide a more advanced course on concurrency models (for MSc students) that uses chapters from Hoare's seminal work.