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andrew cooke - Functional Images  blueArrow
1/21/2001; 2:13:50 AM (reads: 533, responses: 1)
Functional Images
This is a light, fun introduction to Haskell. It installed fine on NT except for the binding of .pef files (so when you get to the point where you expect to see a viewer, click on the .pef file and select the Pan Viewer - you only have to do this once).

It strikes me that the whole Pan project could be more successful if someone with a decent artisitic sensibility got hold of it and produced something beautiful. It's certainly powerful enough, but none of the current authors appear to be the next Maeda (and I'm certainly not!).

PS Sorry, couldn't find original article here that introduced me to Maeda, even with Chris's list.
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andrew cooke - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
1/21/2001; 7:04:03 AM (reads: 536, responses: 0)
Maybe I should have said "a light, fun introduction to Monads in Haskell" as they underlie the code and are how I came to the site. More on Mondas later...