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started 1/21/2001; 1:40:38 PM - last post 1/22/2001; 1:02:57 AM
Ehud Lamm - XML-RPC HOWTO  blueArrow
1/21/2001; 1:40:38 PM (reads: 589, responses: 1)
XML-RPC is a simple, portable way to make remote procedure calls over HTTP. It can be used with Perl, Java, Python, C, C++, PHP and many other programming languages. Implementations are available for Unix, Windows and the Macintosh.

This tutorial compares XML-RPC to other protocols (e.g., CORBA), and shows how it can be used from several different languages (see list above). It gives code examples implementing clients, and servers (using CGI).
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Ehud Lamm - Re: XML-RPC HOWTO  blueArrow
1/22/2001; 1:02:57 AM (reads: 585, responses: 0)
It may be worth mentioning that distributed processing (i.e., RPC) can be implemented inside a langugae framework. For an interesting approach see Ada (LRM Annex E; Rationale).