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started 4/14/2003; 10:23:16 AM - last post 4/18/2003; 4:00:26 PM
Kimberley Burchett - More weblogs to read  blueArrow
4/14/2003; 10:23:16 AM (reads: 316, responses: 2)
I found out about a tool called TouchGraph, which shows the relationships between websites, as according to Google. I typed in

You can see the strong Ehud Lamm connection (E7L3), accounting for the entire upper-right third of the graph. You should check out the

Noel Welsh - Re: More weblogs to read  blueArrow
4/17/2003; 1:50:05 AM (reads: 278, responses: 0)
Nice! (But E7L3 appears to be someone else, not Ehud)

Kimberley Burchett - Re: More weblogs to read  blueArrow
4/18/2003; 4:00:26 PM (reads: 231, responses: 0)
Doh! :) Sorry ehud!