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started 4/16/2003; 7:38:15 AM - last post 4/16/2003; 3:25:21 PM
Kimberley Burchett - ACCU Spring Conference  blueArrow
4/16/2003; 7:38:15 AM (reads: 262, responses: 1)
Kuro5hin has an interesting writeup of one person's experience at the ACCU Spring Conference 2003. The ACCU is the Association of C and C++ Users.

Topics covered:
1. Linguistic Variables: Clear Thinking with Fuzzy Logic
2. Coding Standards: Given the ANSI C Standard why do I still need a Coding Standard
3. C++ & Multimethods
4. In the Spirit Of C
5. Design & Implementation of the Boost Graph Library
6. Secrets and Pitfalls of Templates
7. The Timing and Cost of Choices
8. The Cost of C & C++ Compatibility
9. Advanced Template Techniques (double session)
10. The Internet, Software and Computers - A Report Card
11. Multi-Platform Software Development; Lessons from the Boost libraries
12. Pattern Writing: Live and Direct (double session)
13. End note, extras, etc.

Michael Vanier - Re: ACCU Spring Conference  blueArrow
4/16/2003; 3:25:21 PM (reads: 287, responses: 0)
Thanks for the link! I found the stuff on multimethods to be especially interesting. I think multimethods are one of the most underrated language features.