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started 4/28/2003; 1:41:41 AM - last post 4/28/2003; 1:39:47 PM
Dan Shappir - JXXX Compiler Service  blueArrow
4/28/2003; 1:41:41 AM (reads: 1669, responses: 2)
JXXX Compiler Service

a remote compiling service for those who would either like to develop applications and/or applets but aren't fortunate enough to have access to one of the platforms to which the JDK has been ported, or who just don't want to go through the hassle of installing the complete JDK. In addition to compiling you can view any compiled applets directly without having to download them to your site first; this should speed up debugging applets a bit.

This is the first time I've seen a compiler presented as a Web service (sort off). Interesting concept.
Posted to general by Dan Shappir on 4/28/03; 1:48:07 AM

Toby Reyelts - Re: JXXX Compiler Service  blueArrow
4/28/2003; 12:01:54 PM (reads: 655, responses: 0)
The Comeau C++ compiler has been available for online testing http://www.comeaucomputing for years now. It doesn't qualify exactly as a Web service, but it's probably the first commercial online C++ compiler.

Andreas Fuchs - Re: JXXX Compiler Service  blueArrow
4/28/2003; 1:39:47 PM (reads: 631, responses: 0)
Having somebody else compile files over the net sounds like a big security hole to me. This server (without https, mind you) is just waiting for somebody to fiddle with DNS or routing tables to redirect careless or naive users to a trap.

The idea is cool, though. Nicely done, though. Would be pretty fun to use if it weren't java (-;

BTW: a friend of mine has created a web-based compiler for a course he took in compiler design.