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started 4/29/2003; 2:49:02 PM - last post 5/9/2003; 2:53:29 PM
Ehud Lamm - Popular Math  blueArrow
4/29/2003; 2:49:02 PM (reads: 343, responses: 2)
Recalling our mention of algebra recently, something occured to me while I was looking at popular math books (e.g, Ian Stewart's lovely books).

I am not aware of any quality (i.e., rigorous) popular math book that uses an executable notation (a programming language).

Someone should really give it a go (I guess the best way would be to convince a mathematician to take you as a co-author ).


While writing this messages I suddenly remembered the J books. But one would hope for something that uses a more mainstream language. Something popular, like Scheme or Haskell...

Not really a popular science book, but somewhat related to this issue is Gerald Sussman and Jack Wisdom mechanics book.

Frank Atanassow - Re: Popular Math  blueArrow
4/30/2003; 8:38:03 AM (reads: 353, responses: 1)
Cool, I didn't know SICM was online! I had it on my Amazon wishlist...

andrew cooke - Re: Popular Math  blueArrow
5/9/2003; 2:53:29 PM (reads: 304, responses: 0)
You know On Lisp is online too? (at Paul Graham's site). Damn. Realised my mistake just after hitting send. M!=P