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Ehud Lamm - A bit about LtU being a community weblog  blueArrow
5/5/2003; 7:50:01 AM (reads: 767, responses: 0)
A bit about LtU being a community weblog
Since there are many new readers visitng this here blog, I thought it would be a good thing to remind people of the purpose and organisation of LtU.

LtU is dedicated to programming languages (not programming and languages). The weblog was set up for the purpose of exploring the full range of programming language related issues: theory and practice; imperative and functional; domain specific and general prupose etc.

Since this charter is very broad, there is simply no way for one person, or even two, to provide timely, interesting and in depth discussion of relevant news items, academic papers etc.

Thus any regular LtU reader is welcome to become a contributing editor and post news items to the home page of LtU. These new items are then also part of the LtU RSS feed. There are currently almost 20 contribtuing editors. Some post almost daily, others post more occasionally.

Being a community site, most of the action here on LtU happens on the site's discussion group. Many of the discussions are about news items posted by the contributing editors, but quite a few are the result of messages posted to the discussion group by regular readers. New messages to the discussion group are not part of the LtU RSS feed, and are invisble unless you visit the discussion group page.

So if you are reading LtU for a while, and want to contribute - simply sign up to become a member. After doing so you'll be able to post messages to the dicussion group. If you want to become a contributing editor, contact me by email.

I hope you all find LtU to be a useful resource. I know I do.

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