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started 1/26/2001; 12:22:41 AM - last post 1/26/2001; 8:12:50 AM
Ehud Lamm - Compiling with Continuations  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 12:22:41 AM (reads: 1416, responses: 2)
Compiling with Continuations
This book gives a detailed account of using CPS as a compilation technique. It focuses on compiling ML, and gives interesting details about SML/NJ, but the techniques themselves are of general interest.

Though theoretical in nature, the book is down to earth, and discusses real-life issues like optimization. The book has interesting data from performance measurements, which are quite eye openning.

Not a book for everyone, but if you are 'into' compilers, it is worth checking out.
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John Lawter - Re: Compiling with Continuations  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 8:01:18 AM (reads: 1286, responses: 0)
I'd be interested in knowing how this compares to Appel's "Modern Compiler Implementation in {Java, ML, C}" books, in terms of readability and content. (I liked the C version of Modern Compiler Implementation, so I'd like to know how this rates before I consider picking it up.)

Ehud Lamm - Re: Compiling with Continuations  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 8:12:50 AM (reads: 1297, responses: 0)
I don't know, as I haven't read these books. Looking at the table of contents it seems that the continuations book is much more limited in scope (it doesn't deal with lexing and parsing , for example). It seems it is an indepth look at the sort of things covered by chapters 11,13,15,18-21 (for the ToC), in the context of CPS compilers.

Maybe someone more familiar with the 'modern compiler' books, can give a more knowledgable comparison.