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inactiveTopic Generic Programming for Idiots
started 1/26/2001; 7:19:05 AM - last post 1/29/2001; 3:06:31 AM
andrew cooke - Generic Programming for Idiots  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 7:19:05 AM (reads: 1804, responses: 1)
Generic Programming for Idiots
[Postscript] I never managed to make complete sense of the earlier paper on generic programming. This one is from the same people and, being a Master's thesis, seems a bit more gentle (it's more applied/comparative, discussing Haskell/Polyp and ML/Functional ML).
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Generic Programming for Idiots  blueArrow
1/29/2001; 3:06:31 AM (reads: 1088, responses: 0)
Ineed this puts things plainly: map is polymorphic, a map that works on trees as well as lists is polytypic.

Does this distinction seem worthile?

(Remember that generic programming is also called parametric polymorphism).