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started 1/26/2001; 1:22:20 PM - last post 2/1/2001; 11:23:58 AM
Ehud Lamm - Categories  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 1:22:20 PM (reads: 1938, responses: 9)
I added some categories, that may help organize the site. When editors post a message (i.e., news item) they can decide to which category it goes. Hopefuly this is the only change. Current categories are admin, theoy, functional, Python, XML and fun. The titles should be self explanatory.

It should be possible to assign pictures to the categories (like on Slashdot), so if you want to contribute, here's a chance.

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 1/26/01; 1:22:40 PM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 2:16:21 PM (reads: 1533, responses: 0)
Note: Until we set things up with links and icons, the way to see a specific category (or 'department') is via a URL of the form;dept name>

List of dept names appears above.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/26/2001; 2:34:46 PM (reads: 1529, responses: 0)
I renamed the misc dept from 'none' to 'general'.

andrew cooke - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/27/2001; 4:16:36 AM (reads: 1538, responses: 0)
What size images?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/27/2001; 8:09:02 AM (reads: 1533, responses: 0)
I can not find any specifications, so I guess anything can do. It seems I can assign any uploaded picture to a department. I guess that if this is indeed so, we should decide on a standard. Alas, I don't have the time right now to study this in more detail. Any one knows more about this?

Chris Rathman - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/27/2001; 5:24:41 PM (reads: 1527, responses: 0)
Just thinking out loud... :-)

Instead of creating a category for each language like Python, it might be more effective to group issues related to specific programming languages. Things like "Funtional" (Lisp, Scheme, Haskell, ML,...), "Object-Oriented" (C++, Java, Objective-C, Eiffel,...), "Scripting" (Python, Perl, Lua, TCL,...), "Imperative" (Ada, C, Pascal, Modula-X,...), and "Declarative/Logic" (Prolog, Mercury,...).

Of course, any classification scheme is gonna leave something out - as well as have overlaps for languages that are multi-paradigm (like Ada'95, Oz, Leda, etc...).

I suppose if we get enough posts on each particular programming language, we could break them along those lines, but it might be showing favoritism for a particular language if we slowly instantiate the categories. Also, there's gonna be certain posts (like the scripting stuff I just did) that cover a variety of languages within a particular type of programming language.

Anyhoo, me vote goes for a paradigm based classification scheme for classification. :-)

Chris Rathman - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/27/2001; 5:51:31 PM (reads: 1546, responses: 0)
One other thing about the categorization I just noticed after posting the article on patterns....

When I'm posting, I generally have my head wrapped around the article and am not thinking too much about categorization. The result is that I forgot to categorize the article correctly. It probably defaults to the first item in the drop down list (admin?) because I didn't take the time to fill in the proper category. As with any database entry items, "dirty data" is sometimes worse than no data at all.

From an improper entry standpoint, you can take one of two paths. You can force the operator to chose a selection - thus being conscious that they made a selection - defaults are out of the question. Or you can provide a way for the entry person to correct their error once it is recognized. Right now, the system has neither capability that I can see.

Ok, so it was really an operator error! But it's likely one that I'm liable to make many times down the road (I can't speak for others).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Categories  blueArrow
1/28/2001; 3:24:16 AM (reads: 1541, responses: 0)
I agree that functional is 'better' than Python. I don't belive in language ghettos, or I wouldn't have created this site. My decision was practical: some language carry more traffic than others around here, and I felt that for some reason Python was one of them. I am welcome to suggestions for other (paradigm, language or other) departments.

As to changing department etc. It seems this can be done when you edit a page. (At least I can do it, if you can't let me know). You must understand that I am just trying to use the features of Manila, so I my degrees of freedom are quite limited. We can, of course, simply decide not to use departments. I think it can help a bit. Comments?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Categories  blueArrow
2/1/2001; 11:10:27 AM (reads: 1498, responses: 0)
I suggest that while we are working on making this work, contributing editors that don't find an appropriate department, will suggest one at the end of their messages (and use general instead), this will enable me to set up new departments as need arises.

Chris Rathman - Re: Categories  blueArrow
2/1/2001; 11:23:58 AM (reads: 1504, responses: 0)
As to changing department etc. It seems this can be done when you edit a page. (At least I can do it, if you can't let me know).
Having just miscategorized the pascal post (I forgot and it defaults to admin), I find that I have no way to fix the problem.

For responses to posts to the main page, I can edit my messages. But for some reason, posts to the main page can not be edited by myself.

Must remember to select from that drop down box!!!