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started 1/27/2001; 5:42:43 PM - last post 1/29/2001; 1:38:09 AM
Chris Rathman - Patterns for teaching Patterns  blueArrow
1/27/2001; 5:42:43 PM (reads: 545, responses: 1)
Patterns for teaching Patterns
Since we were discussing how people go about learning programming languages, I thought the following would be of interest. It takes the reverse tack and tries to analyze the Patterns used to teach programming concepts (mostly OO Design Patterns - providing a bit of recursion for the instructor).

Following the link, I found the site Pedagogical Patterns that is a repository for teaching patterns.

Pedagogical patterns try to capture expert knowledge of the practice of teaching and learning.

An article found there Fourteen Pedagogical Patterns is especially good for those who like pattern template format.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Patterns for teaching Patterns  blueArrow
1/29/2001; 1:38:09 AM (reads: 537, responses: 0)
A different connection between teaching an patterns, can be found in this Ralph Johnson paper. It discusses how patterns can be used to document application frameworks. FW are known to be quite difficult to learn, and the paper suggests using patterns to document them can ease the learning process.

So perhaps we can have a pattern, 'Using patterns for describing complicated things in teaching'.

Now that's what I'd call a meta-pattern...