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inactiveTopic Microsoft Includes C# and ML Hybrid in .net
started 5/23/2003; 9:15:56 AM - last post 5/23/2003; 9:15:56 AM
Boots - Microsoft Includes C# and ML Hybrid in .net  blueArrow
5/23/2003; 9:15:56 AM (reads: 174, responses: 0)
Rumors of a new .NET language have been circulating around the cyber-grapevine for the last year or so (see Slashdot, F# - A New .Net language), but have picked up speed as of late. The fire was fed by Mary Jo Foley's (columnist, Microsoft Watch) recent news story Add F# To the Alphabet Soup. Strangely enough, there hasn't been a peep from Microsoft. The only published information I can find is hosted on the Microsoft Research (MR) site. So, I donned my thinking cap, and proceeded with reckless abandon. Here begins the tale…

The article does not have a lot of information, but the language looks to be a derivative of OCaml that can call into .Net libraries... Kind cool in my opinion.