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andrew cooke - The Fun of Programming  blueArrow
5/27/2003; 1:39:12 PM (reads: 2023, responses: 2)
The Fun of Programming
  • Fun with Binary Heap Trees; C. Okasaki
  • Specification-based Testing with QuickCheck; K. Claessen & J. Hughes
  • Origami Programming; J. Gibbons
  • Describing and Interpreting Music in Haskell; P. Hudak
  • Mechanising Fusion; G. Sittampalam & O. de Moor
  • How to Write a Financial Contract; S. Peyton Jones & J-M. Eber
  • Functional Images; C. Elliott
  • Functional Hardware Description in Lava; K. Claessen, M. Sheeran & S. Singh
  • Combinators for Logic Programming; M. Spivey & S. Seres
  • Arrows and Computation; R. Paterson
  • A Prettier Printer; P. Wadler
  • Fun with Phantom Types; R. Hinze

Seems to be the proceedings from this symposium. Looks interesting.

Maybe some of the papers are on-line?
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Ehud Lamm - Re: The Fun of Programming  blueArrow
5/27/2003; 2:21:11 PM (reads: 1207, responses: 1)
I mentioned this several times in the past. Seems like an incredible collection. Most papers aren't online (we linked to some of those that we were able to find).

I ordered the book for our university library but it hasn't arrived yet. I'll report after I read the book.

andrew cooke - Re: The Fun of Programming  blueArrow
5/27/2003; 3:09:07 PM (reads: 1238, responses: 0)
Rats - sorry for the duplication (I think it's just now available?). Ironic, as I was going to post something about hygienic macros, but decided we'd already had too many references to Dybvig's paper... (but if anyone hasn't seen it, check here and search down for "Syntactic abstraction in Scheme", then look at this implementation).

Oh, and it looks like I messed up. The first link about the book should have been this.