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inactiveTopic Variance in Java Generics
started 5/29/2003; 11:19:21 AM - last post 5/30/2003; 1:23:35 AM
Toby Reyelts - Variance in Java Generics  blueArrow
5/29/2003; 11:19:21 AM (reads: 687, responses: 2)
I found the recent addition to Java Generics (the language I use on a daily basis) pretty exciting. Pretty interesting, considering the recent discussions on LtU related to type-safety in generic containers / arrays.

Matt Hellige - Re: Variance in Java Generics  blueArrow
5/29/2003; 12:56:37 PM (reads: 715, responses: 0)
This is fantastic! I had no idea they had even considered adding variance annotations... I really hope this stuff makes it into the release...

Adewale Oshineye - Re: Variance in Java Generics  blueArrow
5/30/2003; 1:23:35 AM (reads: 647, responses: 0)
The implementation is based on the ideas outlined in this paper at