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Ehud Lamm - Mixin Modules and Computational Effects  blueArrow
5/30/2003; 11:45:05 AM (reads: 1313, responses: 0)
Mixin Modules and Computational Effects
D.Ancona, S.Fagorzi, E.Moggi, E.Zucca. Mixin Modules and Computational Effects. ICALP 2003.

We define a calculus for investigating the interactions between mixin modules and computational effects, by combining the purely functional mixin calculus CMS with a monadic metalanguage supporting the two separate notions of simplification (local rewrite rules) and computation (global evaluation able to modify the store). This distinction is important for smoothly integrating the CMS rules (which are all local) with the rules dealing with the imperative features.

The paper is a bit technical, but should interest those that study parameterization and inheritance.

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