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started 5/31/2003; 2:29:28 AM - last post 5/31/2003; 9:25:54 AM
Ehud Lamm - Site speed  blueArrow
5/31/2003; 2:29:28 AM (reads: 869, responses: 2)
Site speed
Trying to improve the time it takes pages to load, I changed the number of messages shown in the chronological view of the discussion group from 25 down to 12.

Since this is the page many of us visit regularly in order to follow discussion threads, I hope the change will help improve the LtU experience...

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 5/31/03; 2:30:25 AM

Bart van der Werf (Bluelive) - Re: Site speed  blueArrow
5/31/2003; 2:31:54 AM (reads: 392, responses: 0)
Seems to work :)

Chris - Re: Site speed  blueArrow
5/31/2003; 9:25:54 AM (reads: 383, responses: 0)
much faster! :-)