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inactiveTopic Preview of Java 1.5
started 6/1/2003; 1:17:04 AM - last post 6/1/2003; 12:13:41 PM
Dan Shappir - Preview of Java 1.5  blueArrow
6/1/2003; 1:17:04 AM (reads: 2169, responses: 2)
Preview of Java 1.5
An early access prototype implementation of the proposed new J2SE 1.5 language features is available. The prototype includes generics (JSR 14), typesafe enums, varargs, autoboxing, foreach loops, and static import (JSR 201). In other words, all the new language features planned for 1.5 except metadata (JSR 175).

Many of the new features have been previously discussed here. Now we can finally play with them.

Posted to OOP by Dan Shappir on 6/1/03; 1:19:39 AM

Dave Herman - Re: Preview of Java 1.5  blueArrow
6/1/2003; 9:42:28 AM (reads: 1025, responses: 0)
The enum construct will include a facility to assign methods to enumerated values. Yet another weird nod to FP, along the lines of anonymous classes?

PS Are you sure about varargs? I couldn't find anything about it.

Manuel Simoni - Re: Preview of Java 1.5  blueArrow
6/1/2003; 12:13:41 PM (reads: 999, responses: 0)
This page tells us that they're going to provide code generation (?) for a construct that "involves a large amount of boilerplate code, which obscures programmer intent, deters all but the most determined programmers from using the pattern, and provides opportunities to introduce errors". Gee, I always thought that this kind of coding was a defining characteristic of Java.