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started 6/4/2003; 5:28:34 AM - last post 6/4/2003; 7:02:18 AM
andrew cooke - Front Page  blueArrow
6/4/2003; 5:28:34 AM (reads: 285, responses: 2)
I just noticed that a couple of the topics posted here in the discussion group (those from yesterday) aren't on the front page. Ehud can promote anyone to editorship (which means you get an extra set of links that let you post a discussion that appears on the front page) - just email him.

He may turn you down, but I get the impression he'd like more people to post. Did wonder whether putting the email there was a good idea, but it's already kicking around the net, so I guess it's already spammed...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Front Page  blueArrow
6/4/2003; 6:21:10 AM (reads: 295, responses: 1)
It's already spammed, so it really doesn't matter if you post it.

I'd like more people to post. Still, it is better, though not essential, to become an editor after reading LtU for awhile, and after participating in the discussion group.

My father is in hospital, so I am not near my computer. Don't be surprise if it takes a few days for me to respond to email.

Let me remind the editors, that if they notice something inteseting in the discussion group, they are encouraged to post a link to hte home page.

Dan Shappir - Re: Front Page  blueArrow
6/4/2003; 7:02:18 AM (reads: 306, responses: 0)
Ehud, I wish your father a speedy recovery (refua shlema).

All, the best.