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started 6/5/2003; 8:40:08 AM - last post 6/9/2003; 9:20:54 AM
Glen - Ars Digita ( ) Study Group  blueArrow
6/5/2003; 8:40:08 AM (reads: 687, responses: 4)
This is my first post and I will admit that I didn't read any rules or FAQs regarding topic suggestions or taboo subjects.

I will be starting the curriculum fairly soon and am interested in exchanging notes and ideas with anyone else who may be starting or considering this program. I realize most of you are way beyond this, but I needed to post this somewhere so that it might be found by Google when someone like me has the same idea..

Patrick Logan - Re: Ars Digita ( ) Study Group  blueArrow
6/8/2003; 2:02:41 PM (reads: 594, responses: 0)
Well, you've broken every rule in the book with your posting here...

Just kidding. 8^)

Patrick Logan - Re: Ars Digita ( ) Study Group  blueArrow
6/8/2003; 2:05:09 PM (reads: 594, responses: 1)
I think you're on to a great idea. While I won't be going through the program, I would be interested in following your progress, reading your feedback, and helping with issues when possible.

andrew cooke - Re: Ars Digita ( ) Study Group  blueArrow
6/8/2003; 4:17:58 PM (reads: 620, responses: 0)
i don't know if glen's still reading, but he created a mailing list at with the aim of encouraging discussion (not that there's been anything posted since i joined - i think his problem is finding othe rpeople interested in doing the course rather than people who are "only" interested enough to watch and comment, like me).

Glen - Re: Ars Digita ( ) Study Group  blueArrow
6/9/2003; 9:20:54 AM (reads: 577, responses: 0)
Thanks for the response. The group currently has three members including myself. We will soon be starting the first course, Math for Computer Science. The text for this course is Quick Calculus, 2nd Edition, available at amazon and half for less than US$10. This is the only course without video lectures available, so the "teaching" aspect of the first few weeks will involve alot of plagiarizing and cursing. This makes the communal, peer-group aspect (the whole point of the group) even more important. Come over and half a laugh.