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inactiveTopic Hits hits hits!
started 1/31/2001; 3:57:39 AM - last post 1/31/2001; 7:51:07 AM
andrew cooke - Hits hits hits!  blueArrow
1/31/2001; 3:57:39 AM (reads: 331, responses: 2)
Anyone know why we got so many hits yesterday? Someone refer to us?

(I got indirectly slashdotted the other day - more hits on my own site in one day than the previous month!).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Hits hits hits!  blueArrow
1/31/2001; 7:29:57 AM (reads: 346, responses: 0)
Interesting. I just noticed that elj carries our headlines. Checking the referers log, it seems this brings some traffic. Other than that, I don't have a clue.

andrew cooke - Re: Hits hits hits!  blueArrow
1/31/2001; 7:51:07 AM (reads: 364, responses: 0)
Thank-you Geoff! That must be at least part of it - I don't think they were there a couple of days ago.