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started 6/12/2003; 5:25:02 AM - last post 6/14/2003; 6:14:02 PM
Ehud Lamm - Next week  blueArrow
6/12/2003; 5:25:02 AM (reads: 946, responses: 4)
Next week
I'll be away from my computer until the 22nd. I will be at Toulouse attending Ada-Europe'2003. I am presenting a paper comparing Ada and Java as teaching languages for software engineering.

I promise to try and collect good links during the conference, so I have something to report when I get back.

If any LtU reader is from the Toulouse area and wants to meet for coffee or dinner, let me know.

I'll be staying at the Kyriad hotel

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Dan Shappir - Re: Next week  blueArrow
6/12/2003; 9:28:50 AM (reads: 483, responses: 2)
Let me guess, you are going to tell them to drop Ada and go with Java.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Next week  blueArrow
6/12/2003; 9:48:10 AM (reads: 512, responses: 0)
Believe it or not, my presentation is quite balanced. I am thinking about moving to Java, but indeed it is not beacuse it is a better language, but beacuse textbooks are better, there are better tools and IDEs, and much more reusable code is available for students to learn from.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Next week  blueArrow
6/12/2003; 10:04:40 AM (reads: 501, responses: 0)
A relevant quote:

It should be noted immediately that language comparisons are problematic, inflammatory and often biased. Comparing languages by listing language features is in itself a questionable technique, seeing as there are often several possible language features that can be used to achieve any one goal - each feature with its own advantages and disadvantages. We are not trying to compare the languages in general. We highlight features that seem important from out experience teaching software engineering with Ada.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Next week  blueArrow
6/14/2003; 6:14:02 PM (reads: 392, responses: 0)
Problems in Computer Science Education David Gries 2001

"We sold our soul when we adopted C/C++"

Ehud, do you have a beard? ;-)