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started 6/14/2003; 6:59:53 AM - last post 6/21/2003; 6:55:07 AM
Dejan Jelovic - James Gosling on Jackpot  blueArrow
6/14/2003; 6:59:53 AM (reads: 1750, responses: 3)
James Gosling on Jackpot

A short interview with James Gosling about his current project, Jackpot. Jackpot is a programming environment in which the programmer manipulates the AST directly instead of the (textual) source code.

Sounds very similar to Simonyi's Intentional Programming.

Posted to general by Dejan Jelovic on 6/14/03; 7:05:45 AM

Francois Rouaix - Re: James Gosling on Jackpot  blueArrow
6/19/2003; 6:16:46 AM (reads: 626, responses: 1)
In the late seventies and early eighties, the Mentor and Centaur systems developed at INRIA were offering a language-independent environment for AST manipulations (structured editing, transformations, natural semantics). This approach goes way back !

andrew cooke - Re: James Gosling on Jackpot  blueArrow
6/19/2003; 6:21:59 AM (reads: 688, responses: 0)
there's a couple of links and an interesting job offer related to all this (bristol, uk) at

(i applied, hoping they'd let me telecommute from chile, but they never replied....)

Roly Perera - Re: James Gosling on Jackpot  blueArrow
6/21/2003; 6:55:07 AM (reads: 592, responses: 0)
Well, as Andrew now knows, we did reply...we'd love to hear from anyone potentially interested, in any country, although teleworking is unlikely to be a serious option unless we really can't fill the positions with people in the UK.

And yeah, the overall approach goes way back. But, it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it...and this is an idea which is long overdue.