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inactiveTopic Marco Cantù's Essential Pascal
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Chris Rathman - Marco Cantù's Essential Pascal  blueArrow
2/1/2001; 10:56:25 AM (reads: 568, responses: 0)
Marco Cantù's Essential Pascal
What with Kylix just around the corner, perhaps it's time to brush up on Pascal once again. I've written more code in Pascal than any other language, but have had only minor experience with Delphi.

Realizing that CLX is going to require modifification to the component library calls, I still haven't heard whether the Pascal language used by the products is the same between the current version of Delphi and the upcoming version of Kylix.

For those who are unfamiliar with Kylix, it's the next version of Delphi which can be used to target code for both Windows and Linux platforms.
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