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inactiveTopic Why use RDF instead of just XML
started 6/29/2003; 8:54:58 AM - last post 7/1/2003; 10:48:25 AM
Ehud Lamm - Why use RDF instead of just XML  blueArrow
6/29/2003; 8:54:58 AM (reads: 979, responses: 1)
Why use RDF instead of just XML
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One way to think about this: the Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a family of XML applications who agree to make a certain tradeoff for the sake of cross-compatibility. In exchange for accepting a number of constraints on the way they use XML to write down claims about the world, they gain the ability to have their data freely mixed with that of other RDF applications.

Dan Brickley posted this message (ulitmately about the semantics of RDF) to the rdf-interest mailing list. As you'd have expected, the result is a very amusing thread...

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Why use RDF instead of just XML  blueArrow
7/1/2003; 10:48:25 AM (reads: 331, responses: 0)
Programming languages folks are likely to realize fairly quickly that this is a discussion about the level of abstraction provided by a language or notation.

An analogy: You can program all Haskell programs in 8086 assembly language. But the languages are quite different none the less.

Don't forget the Turing Tar-Pit...