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inactiveTopic D4 - A Relational Query Language
started 6/30/2003; 2:58:38 PM - last post 6/30/2003; 9:38:04 PM
Dominic Fox - D4 - A Relational Query Language  blueArrow
6/30/2003; 2:58:38 PM (reads: 267, responses: 1)

Hugh Darwen mentions the D4 relational query language in response to a question about efforts to implement a satisfactory (in his view) RDBMS. It looks interesting, not least because it appears that expressions can be chained together so that the relation returned by the first can be queried by the second, and so on. Perhaps it is time to move beyond SQL?

Patrick Logan - Re: D4 - A Relational Query Language  blueArrow
6/30/2003; 9:38:04 PM (reads: 289, responses: 0)
ODMG's OQL is purely functional and has this compositional feature.

Teradata's SQL is very set-oriented too, but I don't recall what kinds of functional extensions it has outside of SQL-92.