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andrew cooke - More Haste, Less Speed  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 12:56:38 AM (reads: 1105, responses: 8)
More Haste, Less Speed
Don't forget to read the discussions - as well as correcting my mistakes there are interesting comemnts (David Bakin just mentioned that APL and J, being array based, lead you to thinking about certain, possibly lower efficiency, algorithms). Feel free to join in.

In the same discussion I mentioned that I thought Functional Languages limited the choice of efficient algorithms in some places. I've now found the paper I was thinking of: More Haste, Less Speed, which shows how Lazy Evaluation can come to the rescue.

This and a few earlier links have been Postscript or PDF files - you can read them with Ghostview and Ghostscript.
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Skib - Discussions  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 12:04:47 PM (reads: 1130, responses: 2)
I think it may be worth changing how the response number is calculated. For the APL subject, the front page shows (1 response) ie. multiple replies to a single thread. It is clearer if messages are counted individually so you know if there are any new ones. Of course, (3 responses 2 new) is even better.

andrew cooke - Re: Discussions  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 12:33:42 PM (reads: 1188, responses: 1)
Good idea. It would be good to see more than one day's postings at a time on the list of discussions, too.

Unfortunately, I don't control the site - I'm just a contributing editor (I can post things, but that's about it). The person who started the site is away on holiday, but will be back at the end of the month. Hopefully he'll read these comments and change things (if possible). Until then, I'm afraid, nothing can change. Sorry!


Skib - Re: More Haste, Less Speed  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 1:06:36 PM (reads: 1186, responses: 0)
Probably intentional irony but the "More haste, less speed" ps.gz link through gives me a "File Not Found".

It appears to be really here. .

From Geriant Jones Publications

Skib - Re: Discussions  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 1:12:32 PM (reads: 1248, responses: 0)
End of month, I think I'll survive ;-)


Ehud Lamm - Language and Efficiency  blueArrow
8/28/2000; 12:23:47 AM (reads: 1149, responses: 3)
The More Haste, Less Speed paper extends the results of Pippenger. Does anyone know a link to the original paper (Pure versus Impure Lisp)? I am sure I can find it on the ACM Digital Library, but a world-accessible link would be nicer.

andrew cooke - Re: Language and Efficiency  blueArrow
8/28/2000; 12:36:49 AM (reads: 1229, responses: 2)
Does anyone know a link to the original paper (Pure versus Impure Lisp)?

Yep - there's a bunch of famous functional papers here (this paper here).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Language and Efficiency  blueArrow
8/28/2000; 12:31:34 PM (reads: 1342, responses: 1)
Great archive! This is a good link. Probably should go into some semi-permanent collection of links to good papers.

I read the paper (pure vs. impure) and it is pretty neat. Esp. the reasoning and discussion of the "symbolic" and "online" restrictions on the applicabllity of the results.

Note that the paper appeared twice (same name it seems but the second version is an elaboration). Once in a sigplan-sigact conf. and once in TOPLAS (that's the later version).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Language and Efficiency  blueArrow
8/28/2000; 12:45:20 PM (reads: 1439, responses: 0)
And I did create a page to keep such good links! See Research Papers