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inactiveTopic Implementing Functional Languages (BUT...)
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andrew cooke - Implementing Functional Languages (BUT...)  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 2:12:49 AM (reads: 442, responses: 2)
Implementing Functional Languages (BUT...)
This book gives a practical approach to understanding implementations of non-strict functional languages [...]. [...It] is meant to be executed as well as read [...] we present the code for a complete working prototype of each major method, and then work through a serious of improvements to it.

But the language used is Miranda which doesn't appear to be freely available (I can find no web pages for the supplier - just an email address at the end of this overview).

The book was mentioned on comp.lang.functional.
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Chris Rathman - Re: Implementing Functional Languages (BUT...)  blueArrow
8/20/2000; 2:45:21 PM (reads: 459, responses: 0)
Simon Peyton Jones is one of the coauthors of the book on Miranda. This same Jones is also one of the big names in the Haskell community. Indeed, a lot of the effort that went into standardizing Haskell was in response to Miranda being closed source and proprietary. As such, the Miranda book on implementation can probably be read with an eye towards Haskell, probably being Jone's treatise on how to implement Miranda in an open fashion and thus serving as a prelude to Haskell.

One thing that has always been intriguing is that a lot of the Functional Programming Language people are in the employ of Microsoft Research. If I'm not mistaken Jones as well as Luca Cardelli and some of the standard ML people are on the MS payroll. The question has always been if MS is actually ever gonna do an FP language implementation?

David Bakin - Re: Implementing Functional Languages (BUT...)  blueArrow
8/21/2000; 12:13:41 AM (reads: 525, responses: 0)
Try - a later version of the book which includes a Haskell version. Use any Hugs interpreter to try out this code. (See for Hugs.)

This tutorial book is terrific - but the earlier book was actually a more general book on functional programming implementation. I highly recommend anything on FP written by Peyton-Jones - he's an excellent teacher.