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Ehud Lamm - Object-Oriented Style  blueArrow
7/14/2003; 3:46:50 AM (reads: 1987, responses: 3)
Object-Oriented Style
Object-Oriented Style (.ps). Daniel P. Friedman. Invited Talk at International LISP Conference, October 12-15, 2003.

In this paper, we develop a way of managing objects. We present object-oriented style, a few operators to make the style easier to read, and a few protocols to maintain some control over the style. We then enforce the style and the protocols with an optional macro.

Reductionism run amok? No. It's simply Scheme all the way down...

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Object-Oriented Style  blueArrow
7/14/2003; 5:02:18 AM (reads: 863, responses: 0)
Previous incarnation.

Michael Vanier - Re: Object-Oriented Style  blueArrow
7/17/2003; 5:29:29 PM (reads: 557, responses: 1)
Very, very cool stuff. Thanks for the link! It's also useful for those of us who are just getting our feet wet with scheme macrology to see how the masters make use of macros.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Object-Oriented Style  blueArrow
7/18/2003; 12:38:24 AM (reads: 578, responses: 0)
Quite. In fact, I think that the macros are the high point of this paper. I sent the link to a student of mine who is writing a project on Scheme macros.

There are a number of tricks to be learned from the macros defined in this paper.