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Ehud Lamm - Datatype Library Language (XML)  blueArrow
7/19/2003; 1:59:22 AM (reads: 892, responses: 0)
Datatype Library Language (XML)
This page describes some experiments that I've been doing with creating a declarative language that can describe datatype libraries for use in RELAX NG and XPath 2.0. It also might be interesting in terms of Part 5 (Datatypes) of DSDL...

Unlike XML Schema, RELAX NG doesn't provide a mechanism for users to define their own types. If they're not satisfied with the two built-in types of string and token, RELAX NG users have to create a datatype library, which they then refer to from the schema...

So the first motivation for putting together a language for datatype libraries is to enable RELAX NG users to construct their own datatypes without having to resort to a procedural programming language or having to learn how to use XML Schema, which might not be suited for their needs.

Another example of XML as language design. Some may even find the proposal of practical interest.

But for me, the attraction is that this just so meta, with XML used to desrcibe XML datatypes, XSLT producing XSLT and so on.

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