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inactiveTopic Change user info?
started 7/22/2003; 7:39:59 AM - last post 7/24/2003; 6:22:02 PM
Sam Gentile - Change user info?  blueArrow
7/22/2003; 7:39:59 AM (reads: 206, responses: 3)

I am logged in as a member but I can't seem to find a place to change my user information which is currently wrong.

Sam Gentile - Re: Change user info?  blueArrow
7/22/2003; 7:46:19 AM (reads: 208, responses: 1)
Sorry, I found it. The only thing it won't let me change is the email address which also needs to change.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Change user info?  blueArrow
7/22/2003; 8:11:23 AM (reads: 225, responses: 0)
email was/is used as the user id, which makes it kind of hard to change. You can either use the old email (it really doesn't effect anything, it can be any string), or create a new user.