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inactiveTopic SMLNJ RIP?
started 2/9/2001; 6:54:55 AM - last post 2/12/2001; 9:36:30 AM
andrew cooke - SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 6:54:55 AM (reads: 1010, responses: 10)
Home page looks the same as ever.
Posted to functional by andrew cooke on 2/9/01; 6:55:10 AM

John Lawter - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 7:46:13 AM (reads: 978, responses: 0)
I don't think SML-NJ is dead. It just seems that the homepage isn't updated very frequently. I had exchanged some e-mails with a few of the SML-NJ people last fall, when I was trying to port the interpreter and some of the e-mails suggested that they were working on getting anonymous CVS access going. I don't know if they have managed to or not, but it seemed to me that there was still development work going on.

I know that many people are actively using SML-NJ, so I doubt it is going away anytime soon.

David Thompson - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 7:57:05 AM (reads: 992, responses: 0)
Following the recent OCAML posts I bought Paulson's ML for the working programmer last week and tried to download SML/NJ. The web site at was unavailable for at least 36 hours (its back now though).

Ehud Lamm - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 11:00:13 AM (reads: 982, responses: 0)
Last time I checked the SML/NJ ebv. I found it very unfriendly, and not very fun. The Paulson book is pretty good however.

andrew cooke - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 11:07:49 AM (reads: 983, responses: 0)


Ehud Lamm - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 11:52:35 AM (reads: 982, responses: 0)
That was supposed to be env as in environment. Sorry.

David Thompson - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 12:49:20 PM (reads: 986, responses: 0)
Do you have a better suggestion than SML/NJ as an env? - and anyway why did you find it unfriendly?

Ehud Lamm - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 1:20:14 PM (reads: 990, responses: 0)
Well what I used had a line mode interface, without even having the ability to go back to previous expressions, or to have seperate 'definitions' window etc. IIRC things are much better now, but I have no personal experience (I mainly use Scheme now, and as for FP I am playing with Haskell).

From what I heard OCAML has much better facilities, but I'll let others comment on that.

andrew cooke - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/9/2001; 3:49:13 PM (reads: 980, responses: 0)
I am playing with Haskell

I've just (a minute ago) got my first Haskell program to work! I still don't understand everything I've typed... Have you tried debugging? I went about things in the wrong way - wrote a chunk (400 lines, including comments), got it to compile with ghc, and then wondered how to debug it. Monads become a problem when you want to insert a print statement in a function! Anyway, I've now seen the light - use Hugs to test out small chunks.

I am sitting looking at an image with three overlapping (semi-transparent) rectangles from the following code and feeling proud as a new father (well, maybe ;-)

testImage (x, y) = r + g + b
    r | bar x y    = RGBA 1 0 0 0.5
      | otherwise  = transparent
    g | bar y x    = RGBA 0 1 0 0.5
      | otherwise  = transparent
    b | square x y = RGBA 0 0 1 0.5
      | otherwise  = transparent
    bar p q    = p>0.05 && p<0.2 && q>0.1 && q<0.95
    square p q = p>0.15 && p<0.7 && q>0.15 && q<0.7

main = writePpm "test.ppm" 8 white 20 20 (0,0) (1,1) testImage

andrew cooke - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/12/2001; 6:45:14 AM (reads: 945, responses: 0)
OK, this vicious and unsubstantiated rumour (who posted it?) has just been firmly denied by a (new) member of the SML/NJ team. I'd post a link to the appropriate c.l.functional article, but Deja isn't working at the moment.

andrew cooke - Re: SMLNJ RIP?  blueArrow
2/12/2001; 9:36:30 AM (reads: 926, responses: 0)
Deja is being reincarnated which explains the problems I had linking to a post. They don't seem to have recent posts yet, unfortunately.