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inactiveTopic Rearranging Haskell's Type Classes
started 2/11/2001; 3:05:46 AM - last post 2/11/2001; 3:05:46 AM
andrew cooke - Rearranging Haskell's Type Classes  blueArrow
2/11/2001; 3:05:46 AM (reads: 405, responses: 0)
Rearranging Haskell's Type Classes
Overloading functions in Haskell is done via the type class mechanism. If you add a data type and want it to have operations like "+" or "show" then you need to provide functions that conform to a complex hierarchy of classes (more info).

There's been a movement on the Haskell mailing lists to get this clarified and simplified. Unfortunately it seems to be falling on deaf/conservative ears.
Posted to functional by andrew cooke on 2/11/01; 3:06:28 AM