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Ehud Lamm - Prolog Programming A First Course  blueArrow
2/13/2001; 1:40:11 PM (reads: 1366, responses: 0)
Prolog Programming A First Course
The course for which these notes are designed is intended for undergraduate students who have some programming experience and may even have written a few programs in Prolog. They are not assumed to have had any formal course in either propositional or predicate logic.

At the end of the course, the students should have enough familiarity with Prolog to be able to pursue any undergraduate course which makes use of Prolog

I haven't read it all, but the negation as failure discussion seems good for beginners. The advanced features section is useful. These are things (like bagof) that are often overlooked in introductory courses, and are very important. Cuts on the other hand seem to be discussed in not much detail. That's a shame.

The general discussion on Prolog and logic programming seems only to be a placeholder.

Might be useful none the less.
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