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inactiveTopic Comparison of Haskell (GHC) and ML (SML/NJ)
started 2/15/2001; 12:01:20 AM - last post 3/30/2001; 12:58:06 AM
andrew cooke - Comparison of Haskell (GHC) and ML (SML/NJ)  blueArrow
2/15/2001; 12:01:20 AM (reads: 1231, responses: 2)
Comparison of Haskell (GHC) and ML (SML/NJ)
Short and sweet. This is the google equivalent of a deja link posted on c.l.functional.
Posted to functional by andrew cooke on 2/15/01; 12:01:39 AM

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty - Re: Comparison of Haskell (GHC) and ML (SML/NJ)  blueArrow
3/29/2001; 5:49:12 PM (reads: 1230, responses: 0)
The first point of where SML/NJ wins is about to fall. The forthcoming GHC 5.0 has an interactive mode - which already works pretty well in the current CVS version.

andrew cooke - Re: Comparison of Haskell (GHC) and ML (SML/NJ)  blueArrow
3/30/2001; 12:58:06 AM (reads: 1222, responses: 0)
Do you know whether this is because GHC and Hugs are merging? For some reason I have the impression that they are getting closer, but I can't remember what I read.

Looking at that first list again, now that I know a little more, I wonder if point 3 reflects the apparent difficulty in parsing Haskell. Again, I cannot remember the source, but I believe Haskell's syntax, although much clearer than ML's to a human, is much harder to parse (I guess all those annoying little keywords like "in" in ML make parsing easier). That would make ML parsers more robust, allowing more error messages.