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started 2/16/2001; 2:54:05 PM - last post 2/17/2001; 12:07:02 AM
Chris Rathman - F-Script programming language  blueArrow
2/16/2001; 2:54:05 PM (reads: 1376, responses: 3)
F-Script programming language
I find this glue language interesting from two perspectives. First is the Smalltalk based syntax and fully OO messaging system. Second is the integration of array processing primitives inspired by APL/J. Throw in "multi-message patterns" and this language looks intriguing.

We propose an enhancement of object oriented programming at the core level, by integrating Array Programming, a high-level model for computing. Our solution is based on an extension to object oriented programming. This integration of object technology and Array Programming allows for high-level object-oriented programming. At the same time, it opens Array Programming to the powerful world of objects.

The software is open source and supports the OSX platform or WebObjects server.
Posted to OOP by Chris Rathman on 2/16/01; 2:59:22 PM

andrew cooke - Re: F-Script programming language  blueArrow
2/16/2001; 3:20:01 PM (reads: 1433, responses: 0)
WebObjects seems to be an Apple thing and doesn't seem to exist. And WebObjects seems to go on top of Mac OSX anyway? Is it free? Isn't OSX BSD somewhere underneath - does that mean WebObjects might be relased for Linux? From your last sentence it sounds like you understand/know about these - how much would I need to put on my NT machine (which is really work's) and how long before it could run on Linux?

It does look interesting, that's why I'm wondering how to try it!

Chris Rathman - Re: F-Script programming language  blueArrow
2/16/2001; 3:29:17 PM (reads: 1435, responses: 0)
GNUStep is still pretty much a work in progress (Also see GNUStepWeb for an attempt at a GNU based WebObjects framework). It attempts to implement the full NextStep APIs under the GNU public license umbrella.

F-Script itself is "free" but it currently only runs under Apple software - OSX or WebObjects. If you don't have either of these available, then you're not gonna get far in trying the software. They do have plans to make a port available for GNUStep, but I don't know the time frame.

I posted the link more for the ideas exposed, rather than the specific implementation. It's not often you see the ideas of Smalltalk merged with APL/J. For those without OS-X or WebObjects, it's more of an inspiration of how things can be, rather than how they currently are.

BTW: Information is available on WebObjects but I don't see any reference to a trial edition. I've heard very good things about the framework from the Apple community, but have not had the advantage to use it. IIRC, there was an NT version of WebObjects but I'm not sure of the current status.

andrew cooke - Re: F-Script programming language  blueArrow
2/17/2001; 12:07:02 AM (reads: 1438, responses: 0)
Thanks - for some reason the gnustep site wasn't responding when I looked yesterday. It's a pity there's no free way of trying it out (for me!).

(Incidentally I didn't understand what GnuStep was 'til I read this).