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inactiveTopic Persistent Lisp (Mop Inside)
started 2/18/2001; 12:35:03 AM - last post 2/18/2001; 12:35:03 AM
andrew cooke - Persistent Lisp (Mop Inside)  blueArrow
2/18/2001; 12:35:03 AM (reads: 412, responses: 0)
Persistent Lisp (Mop Inside)
MetaObject Protocol has been discussed here in the past (sorry, I can't find the discussion via search for some reason) and one example that is always given for how this could be useful is object persistence (MOP allows you to alter how objects are created/interact etc).

Anyway, someone has done this and, of course (this being Lisp), the extension fits very neatly within the language.
Posted to OOP by andrew cooke on 2/18/01; 12:37:46 AM