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started 2/19/2001; 12:09:51 AM - last post 2/19/2001; 7:59:01 AM
andrew cooke - Real Time Processing  blueArrow
2/19/2001; 12:09:51 AM (reads: 588, responses: 2)
Real Time Processing
An interesting thread that threw up some links:

  • A possible defense standard for software. Some pretty tough demands.

  • A company that uses a subset of Ada to fulfill those reqs.

  • Charity which apparently makes it impossible to write nonterminating functions.

  • MLKit which is an ML without a pointer-tracing garbage collector.

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andrew cooke - Re: Real Time Processing  blueArrow
2/19/2001; 12:29:15 AM (reads: 604, responses: 0)
And, just after I posted, a thesis on Types for Crash Prevention. (You have to ask for it, though - see the page).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Real Time Processing  blueArrow
2/19/2001; 7:59:01 AM (reads: 595, responses: 0)
Some interesting links regarding Ada, high integrity programming and real-time: #1 (see esp. sections 3,4, they are of general interest), #2, #3, #4