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inactiveTopic Python's Beachhead in OpenOffice: PyUNO
started 9/11/2003; 10:24:30 AM - last post 9/14/2003; 5:04:26 PM
Mark Evans - Python's Beachhead in OpenOffice: PyUNO  blueArrow
9/11/2003; 10:24:30 AM (reads: 21254, responses: 1)
Python's Beachhead in OpenOffice: PyUNO

Python can now author OpenOffice components. The new OO 1.1 release includes a Python bridge to its internal UNO framework, an interesting, if obscure, multi-language interop system akin to COM and CORBA. Background briefs mention flaws in the latter which inspired the former. With the new Microsoft Office strategy of subscription-fee services coupled to digital rights management, OpenOffice looks more enticing than ever.

Links: UNO concepts, CORBA comparison chart, UNO details, PyUNO, C++UNO.

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Mark Evans - Re: Python's Beachhead in OpenOffice: PyUNO  blueArrow
9/14/2003; 5:04:26 PM (reads: 2207, responses: 0)

The UDK project at is actually the best portal site for UNO. It also links to the project mailing lists. OpenOffice has dozens of mailing lists, divided by project; within each project, "dev" is invariably the main project list. There are general mailing lists for wider OpenOffice concerns.

Since "OO" means object-oriented around here, maybe the preferred shorthand is what OpenOffice regulars use: "OOo," meaning "Open Office dot org" (I think).