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inactiveTopic Stroustrap interview at LinuxWorld
started 2/21/2001; 9:57:04 AM - last post 2/22/2001; 1:58:14 PM
Chris Rathman - Stroustrap interview at LinuxWorld  blueArrow
2/21/2001; 9:57:04 AM (reads: 514, responses: 1)
Stroustrap interview at LinuxWorld
Bjarne talks about C++ along with some extensions to the libraries that he thinks should be standardized. Also comments on the C99 standards that introduce some incompatibilities between C and C++.

Just a comment, but I don't think Bjarne should hold up Netscape as a poster child. The original Navigator code got to such a state of rot that almost nothing in it was salvageable - hence the mammoth effort to basically rewrite it from scratch. Perhaps not really a language choice issue, but then it's also not a particularly good example of reuseable software design either.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Stroustrap interview at LinuxWorld  blueArrow
2/22/2001; 1:58:14 PM (reads: 595, responses: 0)
"The conclusions that I drew (in 1980 or so) were that a general-purpose programming language must support multiple paradigms and that each paradigm must be supported well and with close-to-optimal runtime and space efficiencies"

Maybe it's time to revisit our surveys: small vs. large languages and programming paradigm of choice.