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started 2/23/2001; 12:55:09 AM - last post 2/23/2001; 9:55:59 AM
Ehud Lamm - Identity Problems  blueArrow
2/23/2001; 12:55:09 AM (reads: 1178, responses: 1)
Identity Problems
Going through the referers log and checking out sites that link to LtU, and there are quite a few now, I see many say that LtU is a weblog for functional programming fans.

This is, of course, wrong. LtU is for programming languages fans, regardless of the style of programming they prefer. The idea is to discuss general PL topics, as well as specific paradigms of interest.

Just take a look at our OOP department for example.

I, for one, am more interested in general theoretical questions, and software engineering issues.

A lot of great work is done by the FP community, and is mentioned here regularly, but LtU is by no means restrcited to FP.
Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 2/23/01; 12:55:49 AM

Chris Rathman - Re: Identity Problems  blueArrow
2/23/2001; 9:55:59 AM (reads: 757, responses: 0)
And here I thought this was simply a discussion area for my hobbies. :-)

I don't think it's a bad thing to be recognized as a resource for functional programming - since it's such a hot topic at the moment. But since I tend to meander across a variety of languages, I like keeping the doors open to all paradigms and languages.