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Ehud Lamm - PSP Experiences  blueArrow
2/23/2001; 4:33:04 AM (reads: 437, responses: 0)
PSP Experiences
The SEI Personal Software Process (PSP) may be seen as a scaled down CMM, for small teams and individuals. I've been thinking about employing some of its ideas in my SE class. This paper describes some results and opinions from teaching PSP to experienced developers.

One major aspect of PSP is esitmation. Most of it is done using LOC (lines of code) counts. This is obviously a very basic and error-prone method, not to mention highly language dependent. I think some of the figures in this paper demonstrate this problem.

Indeed, from my limited experience, the major factors important for estimation are completely removed from PL considerations. I think that in making that most accurate of my project plans, I didn't even consider the PL: and this was when programming was done using such low level tools as assembler. The complexity of the problem was the major factor. The connections between the various modules etc.

However, it seems that something like PSP can help people become more aware of their programming practices. This is a Good Thing, no matter what programming language is used.
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