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inactiveTopic HaRe -- The Haskell Refactorer
started 10/2/2003; 4:14:03 AM - last post 10/17/2003; 8:14:11 AM
Ehud Lamm - HaRe -- The Haskell Refactorer  blueArrow
10/2/2003; 4:14:03 AM (reads: 11877, responses: 1)
HaRe -- The Haskell Refactorer
[W]e are pleased to announce the availability of HaRe 0.1... a snapshot of our Haskell Refactorer prototype.

This is an artefact of the Refactoring Functional Programs project (see previous LtU discussion).Also related to our never ending tool/IDE fetish...

Take a look at the screen shots to get a feel for the (still somewhat limited) capabilities. Looks real nice!

Posted to functional by Ehud Lamm on 10/2/03; 4:18:25 AM

andrew cooke - Re: HaRe -- The Haskell Refactorer  blueArrow
10/17/2003; 8:14:11 AM (reads: 168, responses: 0)
that's so sweet! i'm giving a talk at work sometime next month to indtroduce haskell (no real aim of it being used, i just want to show people what's possible - i do most of my work there in fortran 66!) and this seems like a nice extra to add to the talk at the end.